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immeasurable passion

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Between Something Mora
a contained existence

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Isabela Francisco


I really liked the works of the plastic artist Isabela Francisco.
They flee from the exhibitionism that so often belittles the arts
plastics in our country. They are simple relief compositions and
white, beautiful, transmitting to the environments where they are exposed
a little bit of the serenity that modern life demands.”
Oscar Niemeyer
Isabela Francisco


Isabela Francisco works with paintings of varied techniques and formats, with a strong visual impact and, more recently , with sculptures and installations that express feelings of pure emotion. His works are part of important private and public collections in the country and abroad.



The project “Making Art Everywhere” brings new artistic content every week, where it instigates people, in a general scope, to
running jobs on that thread. 

Its publication takes place on Thursdays,
on YouTube and social media.

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