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Immeasurable Passion

Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim 2022
Curated by Marcia Mello

Eyes touching each other and unrestrained breaths, the thought, powerless, sees nothing.

But there is no need to, after all, it is the time of the heart.
Inside the chest, more to the left, of all sizes, resistant and tireless. It is the conductor of life and also of emotions.
Something explodes there, ethereal because it is untouchable, real because it is noticed, and no one escapes from it – passion.
Sometimes feared, other times, wanted, it could be from all types and colors, all fruits and flavors.
From the scarlet organ, that keeps beating, filaments connecting all the parts of the dashed body, to the hair thats covers us and overflows our materiality.
There are invisible wires, moving, from here to there, and from there to everywhere, the electrons that are tensioning us. 
They tried to measure it, in vain.
Unlimited, as the stars, they let it be.
Immeasurable passion.
Wagner Cinelli

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