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Centro Cultural da Justiça 2012
Curated by Marcus De Lontra

“The body is the main subject of Isabela Francisco's paintings. In this world full of images and virtual events, the artist uses body poetics as her main instrument for valuing pictorial reality. Whether through brushstrokes loaded with matter and power, or through impressions on the raw canvas made from the movements of her own naked body.
Isabela creates works of great visual impact, incorporating a gesture that dialogues with J.Pollock and to her incorporates aesthetic proposals of sensitive relationship with icons of contemporary art such as Yves Klein and Ana Mendieta.

Isabela creates, transforms, transfigures and processes this information with the eagerness and virulence of a grinder; everything here is governed by impetus, by expressive and forceful gestures, which embody the artist's talent and daring.

“Des&Encontros” is, therefore, much more than an art exhibition. It is a sensual and powerful discourse on love and life built with the weapons of art: paints, tears, sweats, violence, tenderness, passion.”

Marcus De Lontra

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