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Between Something Lives
a contained existence

Centro Cultural Correios 2021
Curated by Marcus De Lontra

What existence is this? 
What is around that is always lurking,
to suggest a presence, striking or not?
What matters is that it's there,
walking paths, unraveling unusual moments...
The wheel of life vibrates and shatters many times on walls
camouflage dresses
This daily effervescence is a cutting and exhausting challenge.
It's a knife that goes down and almost touches the forehead, that asks for forgiveness
and continues to try to dribble the growing indecision of everyday life...
no use trying to hide what cannot be buried!
By illuminating the collected and submerged part, we are able to
glimpse the something more that hides between the stones of the
thoughts. Illuminating this means is like unraveling the end,
But what about the fear of letting yourself show?
To reveal what one has as an asset?
What can you dodge the world with?
Everything turns in order to be reborn in the essence of this existence,
about to explode and be revealed...
Isabela Francisco


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